Admit NY Team

Our Philosophy: 

Admit NY is a boutique educational advising team developed to assist families with the school application and admissions process for private day, private boarding, and public school. We limit the number of families we work with each admissions season, providing us with the time and flexibility to give individualized attention to each and every family. We are a comprehensive resource for families looking to make informed decisions about their child’s education. Whether you are in need of expert guidance or don’t have the time to sift through the countless school options available to students, we are here to help. Our goal is that all members feel supported, heard, and nurtured during a time that can often feel stressful and overwhelming. We provide full-time professional support from the start of the admissions process to your child’s enrollment in their A+ Fit.

What makes us different? We …

  • Limit the number of families we work with each year

  • Meet in-person and answer late night phone calls

  • Have the background knowledge to develop targeted and strategic school lists

  • Ensure you are applying to the right schools to streamline the process and utilize time wisely

  • Tailor admissions roadmaps to meet each family’s needs

  • Empower students to be the driver of their admissions process and gain transferable life skills (organization, time management, interviewing, self-confidence, self-advocacy, self-reflection, interpersonal communication)

  • Encourage authentic representation in all application pieces

  • Assure your application paints a compelling representation of your student and family

  • Bring a big picture, calm perspective to your child’s school admissions journey

  • Dedicate an Admit NY point person who is assigned to your family throughout the process

  • Visit schools every year, ensuring our school database is current and up-to-date

  • Have close working relationships with independent day and boarding schools, enabling us to provide families with up-to-date information about schools and their admissions policies