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Remove the Stress. Take Control of the Admissions Process.

Admit NY is a boutique New York educational consultancy helping families find the perfect school. We partner with parents and students to navigate nursery school admissions, high school admissions, and everything in between (including both public and private schools).

Looking for Support?

We offer a variety of NYC admissions resources to help as many families as possible, regardless of their budget or admissions goals.

Getting Started with Admissions

Our free resources provide an overview of key admissions topics, including timelines, steps of the process, and how-to guides for key application components.
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Ready to Dive Deeper

Our webinars ($35-$50) provide more thorough information to support your admissions journey, with live Q&As to answer your most pressing questions.
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Seeking PERSONALIZED Guidance

Our full-service educational consulting packages provide end-to-end support to navigate the full admissions process. We’ve helped hundreds of families match with the perfect school.
Explore Our Consulting Packages for All Ages

NYC Admissions Consulting

Nursery & Pre-K

Finding your child’s first school can be stressful and emotional. We’re here to help you find great schools, apply without frustration, and choose the perfect fit.

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Elementary School

There are a wide variety of private and public school options in New York, each with unique pros and cons for your child. We’ll help you research, choose, and apply to the best schools for your family.

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Middle School

By middle school, your child can play a role in their own educational decisions. We work with families to select schools together and develop applications that demonstrate their child’s unique strengths.

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High School

High school admissions in New York can be competitive and exhausting. We calm the chaos by partnering with families and applicants to plan, research, write, and apply, teaching students valuable skills along the way.

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Our Philosophy
We are a boutique educational advising team that assists families with the New York school application and admissions process, from nursery through high school. Each and every one of our families receives our complete and individualized attention, so that they are best set up for success. In order to maintain the time and flexibility to provide this level of service, we make sure to limit the number of families we work with each admissions season. We make your family a part of our family.

From evaluation to enrollment, we’ve got your back.
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Whitney Shashou and Taryn Siegelberg of Admit NY
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We customize admissions tools for each of our families. From to-do lists and trackers to timelines and email reminders, we do whatever it takes—with whichever methods work best for each family—to ensure no one drops the ball.
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As an informed resource, we guide you throughout the entire admissions process, from developing a comprehensive action plan for your child to helping you manage timelines and deadlines. We’re always a call or text away.
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We partner with your family and work with you as a team, helping you to give your child the best chance at success while ensuring time is used efficiently and effectively.
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Parent confused about the admissions processParent confused about the admissions process
Parent confused about the admissions process
Have questions? Need support?
New York public and private school admissions are daunting and disorienting, whether your child is a toddler or a teenager. There are so many variables involved and so many schools to consider that it can feel almost impossible to expertly navigate without years of experience. That’s exactly what we bring. Our extensive knowledge of the admissions process allows us to provide our families with the perspective, insight, and know-how to get the most out of it, from the big picture of finding the right schools for your child to the minute details of timelines and deadlines.

Go ahead, tell us what’s stressing you out. We’ve heard it all before.
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Parent confused about the admissions process
They are the best friend you never knew you needed during the admissions process. A sounding board, person to talk through options, and insider! I loved working with them.
- Mother of Riverdale Country Day Student
You need to work with this team! Their ability to organize the process in a logical way made all the difference. In addition to the guidance and support in navigating the various options, they will provide insight that can not be found elsewhere. The professionalism and responsiveness made this a seamless process for our family.
- Mother of Spence School Student
Admit NY was the only way this process was tolerable. Their guidance was critical in an otherwise challenging process.
- Father of Village Community School Student
You hire an expert for your health and other services. Nyc schools require an expert too. Could not have done it without their help, knowledge and support.
— Mother of Brearley Student
Hire Admit NY immediately to get expert level insider info on all of the schools and the process. Their knowledge of each school/fit for your family, and the application process will be invaluable. It will be the biggest weight off your shoulders to feel prepared for every interaction with the school.
- Mother of Horace Mann Student
Hire Admit NY. They are knowledgeable, professional, available, always on top of everything, most pleasant to work with, reliable, and have a personalized approach.
- Parents of Grace Church Student
Admit NY is very personable, knowledgeable, supportive and responsive. Our Admit NY expert interacted wonderfully with our children and helped us get into our first choice school. You can't go wrong with Admit NY!
- Parents of Packer Students
Admit NY is a compassionate and organized taskmaster, all while being focused on what is best for your family. These are rare qualities in any service provider, but especially welcome where the interests of your child are concerned.
- Mother of Dwight-Englewood Student
We were moving from San Francisco to New York and had no idea how school admissions worked in NYC. Admit NY really helped us through the process and our daughter ended up getting admission to her top choice school. They were very responsive and always willing to patiently answer our questions and that took away a large part of our anxiety with the whole admissions process.
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