Our Educational Consulting Process

We are committed to developing customized and effective public and private admissions support that meets our students’ and families' individual needs.

Nursery & Pre-K

As New York nursery school consultants, we understand that this process can be overwhelming. We act as a calming and supportive resource for families navigating their child's first step in their educational journey. We ensure you are applying to the right public or private schools for your child and family, assist you through the emotional side of the process, and alleviate the fatigue that can occur when applying to schools.

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Elementary School

Finding an educational home for your child can feel overwhelming and high-stakes. There are so many on-going school options, it’s hard to even know where to begin. Not to mention the process of applying, which can feel equally as frustrating and time consuming as when you applied to college. We’ll help remove the mystery from the process and help you find the best elementary school in New York for your child.

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Middle School

Middle school is a time when most children are discovering themselves and determining their goals. We're here to provide extra support to middle school applicants and their families. We work with you to find the best middle school in New York for your child, and help them feel that their wants and needs are heard and accounted for.

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High School

Our goal as a New York high school admissions consultant is to guide students to their best opportunities to fulfill their intellectual and personal goals. We empower our high school applicants to identify their goals and interests, to manage a complex application process, and to make thoughtful decisions about their educational next steps. Throughout each step of the application process, our applicants learn and master transferable skills that will support their success in high school and beyond.

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Admissions Decision Package

You might think your admissions journey is complete, but the hardest step is still to come: deciding which school is the best for your child. So, turn to the experts at Admit NY for guidance. We’ll simplify the decision-making process and help you find your perfect fit.

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