Families Praise Our Success With Private and Public School Admissions!

We have been fortunate to advise families seeking admission to the best nursery, elementary, middle, and high schools in New York. These testimonials illustrate our experience navigating the public and private admissions process together.

“Admit NY really helped us project manage the entire process - they helped us stay organized and not feel rushed towards the end. They were also a great resource when we had questions or doubts during the process.”

— Father of Dalton Student

“I would say that the private school admissions process is almost like taking a college course. It lasts longer if anything. It requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, and attention. It is so helpful to have a resource to help navigate through the process.”

— Father of Spence Student

“Admit NY is excellent at understanding their client and their client’s strengths to tailor their advice appropriately. They are also very responsive which is critical for the school process.”

— Father of Riverdale Country Day Student

“You hire an expert for your health and other services. Nyc schools require an expert too. Could not have done it without their help, knowledge and support.”

— Mother of Brearley Student

“Very knowledgeable, very professional, great attention to detail, and very responsive. The greatest help in navigating school admissions, significantly reduces complexity and anxieties.”

— Father of St. Bernard’s School Student

“We absolutely loved working with our Admit NY expert. She was focused, supportive, clear, unbelievably helpful, and available at all times. We are so appreciative of Admit NY and truly could not have done it without them.”

— Mother of Grace Church Student

“They are the best friend you never knew you needed during the admissions process. A sounding board, person to talk through options, and insider! I loved working with them.”

— Mother of Riverdale Country Day Student

“Hire Admit NY immediately to get expert level insider info on all of the schools and the process. Their knowledge of each school/fit for your family, and the application process will be invaluable. It will be the biggest weight off your shoulders to feel prepared for every interaction with the school.”

— Mother of Horace Mann Student

“If you are interested in private school in NYC I highly recommend working with Admit NY. Initially, I was skeptical of using a consultant for kindergarten as it seemed unnecessary, but in hindsight, it is the best decision we could have made. The admissions process is incredibly intense and Admit NY held my hand through it all. We are so happy with how things turned out for our daughter and I don’t think we could have gotten here without their help. Their insight and support carried us through all the info sessions, interviews, and applications. Big thank you to Admit NY!!”

— Mother of Spence Student

“Admit NY makes navigating the NYC independent school application process much less intimidating. With so many requirements and deadlines, Admit NY brings a level of experience that aided in lowering our stress levels. I do not know how we could have done it without their help.”

— Father of Grace Church Student

“Admit NY services are indispensable. Our Admit NY Expert was incredibly knowledgeable on the schools, their cultures, and programs, and the entire application process. She covered every detail and gave incredible personal attention and advice specific to my son.”

— Mother of Lawrenceville Student

“The whole process was wonderful -- helping us narrow down the schools, the essays, organizing the dashboard, accountability to reminders, interview prepping, thank you notes, etc. There was so much great work done! Not only did they make the process so seamless, organized, and manageable, but we got into our two top choices!”

— Mother of Riverdale Country Day Student

“Admit NY supports you in a process that is so stressful, but helps you manage the workload, and most importantly, find schools that really fit your child that you may never have thought of. As a result of working with Admit NY, we ended up with the ability to choose from several strong options, which was a great feeling. Nothing can change how much work it is, but Admit NY makes it feel so much easier and helps create real options."

— Mother of Avenues The World School Student

“We are deeply grateful to Admit NY’s efforts in guiding our daughter through the high school process. They streamlined the process and ensured we applied to the right schools.”

— Mother of Dalton Student

“Our Admit NY expert was a wonderful guide and source of knowledge for our family. Admit NY is an invaluable resource for parents applying to schools in New York.”

— Parents of Avenues: The World School Students

“Our Admit NY expert’s level of commitment was exceptional. She was extremely professional and responsive. She spent countless hours working with my son on his essays and interview prep. She went the extra mile to secure his spot at his top choice. She really takes the time to understand your family and child to find the best overall fit.”

— Mother of Middlesex School Student

“Admit NY is super responsive and prepared. They kept us organized and guided us through the process. They also helped us save a ton of time.”

— Mother of Riverdale Students

"Admit NY helps you cut through the complexity of the NYC school admissions process by providing families with expert knowledge as well as through their organized management of a spider's web of logistics involved."

— Mother of Avenues: The World School Student

“I would say that we put a lot of trust into Admit NY’s guidance because we couldn’t visit schools in person, and they guided us to the exact school our son is meant to attend. We could not have done this process with Admit NY.”

— Mother of Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School Student

“We needed an informed, neutral perspective on the landscape which is exactly what we received — and, of course, we enjoyed building a personal relationship with our Admit NY advisor! Give yourself the opportunity to partner with a market expert who can assess your families’ needs against the program opportunities near you in order to help you arrive at the right school decision for your child and family.”

— Mother of Montclare Children’s School Student

“My Admit NY expert got to know my child as well as possible, and made him feel she was his partner in the process, not just another adult asking him to do things. She then provided recommendations and suggestions that we felt were informed, fair, and in his best interests. Also, she was my personal therapist through the process! I would have lost all hold on sanity without her. We were neophytes in this process, and she gave us frequent and clear communication, gently reminded us of all deadlines, and made herself readily available to talk through decisions with us. In a nutshell,Admit NY is strategic, informed, connected, and genuinely supportive of the child and the parents.”

— Mother of Packer Collegiate Student

“You need to work with this team! Their ability to organize the process in a logical way made all the difference. In addition to the guidance and support in navigating the various options, they will provide insight that can not be found elsewhere. The professionalism and responsiveness made this a seamless process for our family.”

— Mother of Spence School Student

“I cannot recommend Admit NY enough. You gain access to their vast and insider knowledge and learn the unwritten rules and expectations of the process. As parents, you will feel extremely well prepared for every dealing you have with a school whether it be a parent interview, play session or virtual tour. It’s also therapy for any time the process feels overwhelming! Working with Admit NY felt like we gained a teammate, someone who was 100% invested in our family and in our corner.”

— Mother of Temple Emanu-El Nursery School Student

“Admit NY shepherds your family through the process while keeping the child’s best interest at heart. Their response time was excellent and they really seemed to care about our family during this process.”

— Mother of Horace Mann Students

“Admit NY was the only way this process was tolerable. Their guidance was critical in an otherwise challenging process.”

— Father of Village Community School Student

“My favorite part about working with Admit NY is the personalized attention they provided and their availability – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their intimate knowledge of the educational options in NYC is impeccable and they absolutely choose the right school for your child, or in my case, children.”

— Mother of Nightingale Bamford School Student and Two Allen-Stevenson School Students

“Hands down the best of the best. Admit NY made the potentially very difficult process much more pleasant. They guide you and manage the process alongside you so that you feel supported.”

— Mother of Riverdale and Berkshire School Student

“Working with Admit NY was so helpful. They were a wealth of information and useful tips. They gave us a feeling of confidence and put us at ease with their extensive experience and knowledge of the NY private school admissions scene. Thanks to Admit NY, our son was accepted at every school he applied to, leaving us a wealth of choices. Working with them made a very stressful and overwhelming process seem manageable. We can’t thank them enough!”

— Mother of Dalton School Student

“Our Admit NY expert was always thoughtful and honest about the guidance she provided to us and our son, and she never failed to make us feel we were her top priority. Hire them and don’t look back! Admit NY demystifies the admission process and breaks it into digestible components allowing the student (and parents) to get the most out of the journey!”

— Father of Pingry School Student

“Working with Admit NY alleviated so much of the stress and the unknown during our admissions process. They truly know the ins and outs of each school and are able to very thoughtfully point you in the right direction. Our Admit NY expert was upfront and honest with us throughout the whole process, and her guidance was invaluable!”

— Mother of Village Community School Student

“Admit NY answered all my nitpicky, annoying questions. They knew everything and more. They made this process so much more seamless and less painful!”

— Mother of Nightingale Bamford School Student

“Working with our Admit NY expert was great! She provided interview prep services for my son who applied to boarding school. She was extremely well organized and prepared him very well. He had fantastic interviews at some of the top schools in the country.”

— Mother of The Hotchkiss School Student

“Admit NY became a go-to resource and friend, which is what we needed more than anything else. It was nice to have someone to lean on for the most minor / seemingly insignificant questions that we weren’t comfortable asking our Nursery School Director."

— Mother of Trinity Student

“Admit NY helped me deal with the uncertainty around this whole process and managed my expectations. Work with them! They help you stay ahead of the game.”

— Mother of Riverdale Student

“They are a powerhouse ally to have on your side while navigating the rigors of school applications.”

— Father of LREI Student

“Admit NY is a compassionate and organized taskmaster, all while being focused on what is best for your family. These are rare qualities in any service provider, but especially welcome where the interests of your child are concerned."

— Mother of Dwight-Englewood Student

“We were moving from San Francisco to New York and had no idea of how the school admissions worked in NYC. Admit NY really helped us through the process and our daughter ended up getting admission to her top choice school. They were very responsive and always willing to patiently answer our questions."

— Father of Trinity Student

“Admit NY was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. They created a very organized dashboard detailing every step, making it less overwhelming. Though the application process was long and we began late, Admit NY made sure it wasn’t too stressful and was always ready to answer our questions and help out."

— Trinity High School Student

“Admit NY was highly responsive, provided clear feedback, and helpful guidance with regards to the many questions we had for them about the elementary school admissions process.”

— Father of Berkeley Carroll Student

“Hiring Admit NY was one of the best decisions I could have made. Their wisdom and guidance was exceptional and kept me sane during an insane time (we were having another baby concurrently). They kept us focused, calm and informed about the process, offering their own insights while making sure we were heard."

— Mother of 92nd Street Y Nursery School Student

“Admit NY knows the process so well and makes sure you’re adequately prepared for every aspect. They minimized my stress and made the process a million times easier. They were reassuring and helped me remain confident throughout the whole process. They helped me stay on top of deadlines and all of the other parts of the process."

— Choate Rosemary Hall Student

“Admit NY explained what to expect at interviews so I was less nervous than I thought I would be! They were really nice!”

— Dwight-Englewood Middle School Student

“Admit NY is very personable, knowledgeable, supportive and responsive. Our Admit NY contact interacted wonderfully with our children and helped us get into our first choice school. You can’t go wrong with Admit NY!”

— Parents of Packer Students

“I was somewhat hesitant about the value of working with Admit NY, but I can say without hesitation that their help was worth every penny, and then some. I do not believe we would have had such a great result without Admit NY. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I felt like Admit NY was a true partner."

— Mother of Dwight School Student

“The most excellent part of working with Admit NY was their constant communication. I loved the face-to-face meetings the most. I would say I couldn’t recommend it (Admit NY) enough! Working with them was such a pleasure and I don’t believe we would have had such an organized process if it weren't for Admit NY."

— Mother of Horace Mann Student

“They were a great coach and helped me get comfortable with meeting with schools and interviewing. They were nice and easy to work with.”

— Poly Prep Middle School Student

“Hire Admit NY. They are knowledgeable, professional, available, always on top of everything, most pleasant to work with, reliable, and have a personalized approach.”

— Parents of Grace Church Student

“We loved building a great relationship/friendship with our Admit NY point person. She transitioned from advisor to friend and cared about our son’s opportunities like he was her own. I could tell that Admit NY took the time to learn about our family and cared about our child’s results."

— Parents of Riverdale Student

“Admit NY is knowledgeable, warm, easy to talk to and it felt like they were right there with me throughout the process. Admit NY is a must for applying to school.”

— Mother of Temple Emanu-El Student

“Admit NY takes the overwhelming part of the process out of the equation. My wife and I work so our schedules are not always ideal. Admit NY always made themselves available and ensured we never dropped the ball.”

— Parents of Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School Student

“Admit NY always remained positive even when we were concerned or nervous. Admit NY is not a service it is a necessity!”

— Parents of Packer Students

“Admit NY’s focused, thorough and organized way of working kept us on track through the lengthy process. Their knowledge of the schools with their potential ‘fit’ (or not) for our daughter was key and we had the best result possible! They are knowledgeable about the schools and very well-connected."

— Mother of Dwight-Englewood Student

“Before meeting with Admit NY, I was concerned that the process would be overly stressful, but with their help it was very manageable. I really appreciated their ability to relate to and work successfully with my daughter. Admit NY was excellent and a pleasure to work with.”

— Mother of Berkeley Carroll Student

“We loved and appreciated Admit NY’s positive, yet realistic, approach to the process. Admit NY mainly worked with our child to prepare her for interviews, which helped our child to be more confident and feel empowered. We all wish we were as positive & as happy as the Admit NY Team is all the time."

— Mother of Town School Student

“My favorite part of working with Admit NY was understanding each school in more depth. They were able to connect with my child and make us all feel more comfortable with the process. They were such a pleasure to work with!”

— Father of Trevor Day Student

“I enjoyed working with Admit NY because of their personalized service. I highly recommend them. They are productive, knowledgable in their field and effective.”

— Father of LREI Student

“I feel that we were very fortunate that our friend who is a teacher in New York recommended Admit NY to us. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is applying to any private schools in Manhattan. My daughter was accepted to every school she applied to and we definitely could not have done it our own."

— Mother of Trevor Day Student

“They are dedicated and respectful individuals who care about their students and go beyond the call of duty. Admit NY assisted us whenever we needed help.”

— Mother of The Chapin School Student

“The most patient, effective, and responsible guidance that my daughter has ever had so she could reach her goal of attending Phillips Academy Andover. With their guidance and help, we always knew what to do and when.”

— Mother of Phillips Academy Andover Student