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What is ISAAGNY, and Why Does It Matter?

What is ISAAGNY, and Why Does It Matter?
December 2, 2022

As your family begins the admissions process, you may notice the term “ISAAGNY” coming up often - begetting the common question, “What is ISAAGNY”? We’re here to clarify, and explain why ISAAGNY is an important institution that helps to ensure that your family can move smoothly through the admissions process. 

What is ISAAGNY?  

ISAAGNY stands for the Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York. It is a nonprofit association of independent schools, and its purpose is to ensure that all of its member schools follow an ethical and equitable admissions process. ISAAGNY sets out various guidelines and deadlines to maintain consistency and predictability through the admissions process. 

ISAAGNY notes on its website that its mission statement is: 

 “By coordinating practices and procedures, ISAAGNY aims to ensure orderly, professional, and equitable admissions processes at member schools across greater New York. The resulting spirit of cooperation serves schools and families alike.”

ISAAGNY member schools are all independent schools, meaning they are not public schools. The network is composed of a broad range of schools, each with a unique mission and educational environment. ISAAGNY provides a directory of all of its member schools here

In addition, ISAAGNY offers a number of helpful admissions resources, including the “why”s behind choosing an independent school, a glossary of admissions-related terms, a step-by-step outline of member schools’ application processes, and much more. 

Why Does ISAAGNY Matter?

If you’re applying to independent schools, ISAAGNY is playing a large role in your admissions process - whether you realize it or not! ISAAGNY is a very important force in the admissions landscape. Imagine if every single independent school had an entirely unique application process - the admissions process would be impossibly grueling (even more so than it already is!). It’s thanks to ISAAGNY that you can expect a relatively consistent experience across schools, which allows you to spend your time efficiently and explore all of the educational options that might be a fit for your family. 

In addition, ISAAGNY’s stated goal is to protect families throughout the admissions process. ISAAGNY member schools are committed to equity and fairness in their admissions processes. The organization provides crucial oversight and guidance to ensure that high-quality education in New York remains attainable for all, based on merit. 

We’re big fans of ISAAGNY at Admit NY, because we recognize the valuable role of a third-party association to govern and regulate admissions processes across a large network of schools. We also greatly appreciate the resources that ISAAGNY provides to our families, and frequently recommend leveraging ISAAGNY materials or attending ISAAGNY sessions to learn more about the application process. 

Of course, ISAAGNY can’t provide personalized guidance to each and every family navigating the admissions process - that’s where we come in. Admit NY is a leading New York City educational consultancy partnering with families to find their best-fit school. We’re experts in the huge range of options that families have to choose from in New York, and can work together with you and your child to find their perfect educational environment. We also help you navigate the stress and complexity of the admissions process with custom trackers, checklists, and action plans. 

Beyond our individualized consulting, Admit NY offers a wide range of resources for all families applying to schools, whether public or private. Our blog contains information about a wide range of admissions topics, and we frequently host webinars to share additional tips and tricks and answer questions for families. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can answer any questions about the admissions process, or advise on your family’s unique situation. Like ISAAGNY, we’re here to make sure that your child thrives in the best school for them!