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Do We Need an NYC Admissions Consultant?

Do We Need an NYC Admissions Consultant?
June 28, 2022

NYC admissions consultants offer a variety of expertise when it comes to navigating the complex school admissions process in New York City. Many families hire consultants to get started for the first time, wrap up admissions to-dos they’ve already begun, or make a school decision at the end of the process. Regardless of where you are in your admissions process, you may be wondering if an NYC educational consultant is a good idea for your family. 

Depending on which consultant or agency you choose to work with, there may be differences in both approaches and offerings. When it comes to choosing the right consultant, we’ve created a post here to help. Hiring an NYC admissions consultant is a personal choice that not all families utilize or realize is an option. If your family is considering hiring an NYC admissions consultant, here’s a few factors you should think about when making your decision: 

Interviews (Parent and Child): 

As discussed in our interview tips post, preparation is important! If you feel that your family could use help preparing for interviews and would benefit from feedback and coaching, hiring an NYC admissions consultant is a great idea to give tips to take some of the pressure off by practicing with you. 

Parent Statements: 

We’ve helped hundreds of families navigate the admissions process, and parent statements are consistently one of the most confusing parts of the journey. As we discuss in our parent statement sample post, how can you possibly sum up your child in a few paragraphs? If you are looking for help with writing and editing your parent statement, an NYC admissions consultant can be helpful to perfect your essay. 

To-Do Reminders: 

Busy schedule? If so, NYC admissions consultants can really come in handy. There are so many parts of the application process that can easily be forgotten amid a busy work and school schedule. Between open houses, tours, interviews, and deadlines for different parts of the application(s), there is a lot that goes into the admissions process. Fortunately, some admissions consultants offer assistance in managing timelines and making sure you are prepared for every step of the process. 

Test Prep:

Depending on your child’s age, some schools require standardized testing as part of their application process. Once you have registered your student for their required tests, you might be putting yourself in a much better position by hiring a consultant for test prep. Some NYC admissions consultants cover test prep, while others partner with specific test prep consultants. 

In short, you don’t need an NYC admissions consultant, just like you don’t need a GPS when you are exploring a new place. However, your travel experience will be more streamlined and enjoyable if you bring your GPS along for the ride. 

At Admit NY, we pride ourselves on being just that: your GPS for school admissions. We want you to soak in the sights without feeling stressed, explore the right options for your child, and get the most out of a complicated process. School admissions is daunting and disorienting. There are so many variables involved and so many schools to consider that it can feel almost impossible to expertly navigate without years of experience. That’s exactly what we bring. Our extensive knowledge of the New York City admissions process allows us to provide our families with the perspective, insight, and know-how to get the most out of it, from the big picture of finding the right schools for your child to the minute details of timelines and deadlines. 

Our individualized action plans ensure that all options are considered, all procedures are followed, and all applications are completed as thoroughly and compellingly as possible. As a result, our families find a process that is otherwise full of frustration and mystery to be marked by clarity and competence.

We're here to help you excel in the admissions process. If you feel your family could benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime: email us at