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How to Choose an Educational Consultant in NYC

How to Choose an Educational Consultant in NYC
June 10, 2022

Educational consultants guide parents and students through the school admissions process. Choosing the right educational consultant in New York City can be an overwhelming decision. Much like picking the right school for your child, it is important to keep in mind a variety of factors when selecting an educational consultant in NYC. 

Some educational consultants in NYC concentrate exclusively in certain areas, such as high school admissions or public school admissions. Other educational consultants may work more broadly with all age levels and have large consulting teams with the ability to work with many families at once. Depending on the amount of time you wish to invest with an educational consultant in NYC, it is important to consider the size of the firm and how much time you expect to dedicate to the admissions process. 

Before embarking on the search for an educational consultant, it’s important to consider which elements of the admissions process you’re seeking support for. Each family finds a different aspect of the admissions process challenging.. Some parents are particularly concerned with their responsibilities during the admissions process, such as writing parent statements or interviewing with schools.  While some educational consultants in NYC offer help in these parent categories, others may solely focus on assisting students with their responsibilities during the process, such as test prep and essay coaching. Moreover, some educational consultants might offer assistance with tour and interview scheduling and essentially take ownership of the process from start to finish, whereas other consultants may not offer these services and only specialize in school choice and final decision making. Entering the search with an idea of your priorities and a sense of what differentiates educational consultants from one another is key to making the right choice for the smoothest possible admissions process. 

Before hiring an education consultant in NYC, it is crucial to learn more about their unique philosophy and approach. Doing your own research and getting to know the reputation of the firm can be helpful. Testimonials from other parents, whether on the consultant’s website or found through your personal network, are useful tools when making your decision. 

Important factors to consider when choosing an education consultant in NYC include:

  • What is the size of the consulting agency; is it one person, or a larger firm with multiple consultants?
  • Do they meet with my child and assist in their components of the admissions process (i.e. interviews, test prep)?
  • How is their approach individualized to my child and my family? 
  • Do they specialize in certain areas such as Manhattan high schools, public schools, or boarding schools?
  • Have they worked with the school(s) I am most interested in for my child in the past? 
  • How much time can I commit to them, and how much time can they commit to me?

At Admit NY, we pride ourselves on providing a customized, tailored approach to school admissions. Everything we do as education consultants in NYC is personalized to the family we are working with. From how we organize the process, to your tailored school list, to our communication style - we do whatever it takes to ensure your family feels set up for success. 

We are committed to quality over quantity in everything we do. We are a boutique team of educational consultants focused on providing the highest-quality support. We only take on the number of families that we can manage while maintaining a hands-on, tailored, and personalized approach. Our boutique size allows us to build meaningful relationships with our clients, which allows us to remain in touch with our clients beyond school placement. We check in with our families once they are placed, see how past students are doing, and ask for feedback on their current schools. This is one of the many ways that we remain up to date on the wide variety of schools in New York City: we speak to current students and families and ask the challenging questions that give us current and authentic readings on schools. 

To learn more, check our client testimonials for a glimpse into their experience.